For Publishers

Enabling Publishers with bespoke technology solutions that drive revenue

  • Assist with monetization across all environments
  • Custom CMS with thousands of premium videos and video player
  • Direct access to premium advertisers and brands
  • Demand-path optimization with fewer access points and duplication
  • Access to best-in-class third-party ad verifcation providers
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For Brands & Agencies

We provide brands & agencies with a digital-first, data-driven approach to media buying

  • Access premium inventory and audiences via our VHBX technology with access to 1200+ publishers
  • Data-driven buying across all platforms, channels & devices with unified reporting and predictive KPI targetting
  • Brand safety ensured through ad verification integrations with MOAT, Forensiq, Protected, & WhiteOps
  • Superior account management by trading specialists
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Veuhub Self Serve CMS

Veuhub Self Serve CMS

All-in-one Video CMS with unlimited possibilities

Premium Video Selection

  • Veuhub sources content globally from the industries best to create its library of 1000’s of videos

End to End Video Solution

  • Veuhub offers premium content, video player and built in monetization to jump start any publishers video strategy

Increased Audience Engagement

  • Video is proven to increase content engagement and time on page. Veuhub allows you to do this without creating or licensing the video yourself

No Startup Fee

  • Veuhub utilizes an ad supported model which means you pay nothing. Select the videos you want and start making money
Multiscreen Video Player Solution


Multiscreen Video Player Solution

Exceptional Performance

  • Deliver fast, high-quality, on-demand video across any mobile or desktop browser

Multiscreen Capability

  • The Veuhub player is capable of playback on all screens (desktop, mobile, OTT)

Seamless Implementation and Management

  • Control setup and delivery via the intuitive Veuhub UI. The Veuhub cloud-hosted HTML5 video player is always up-to-date with the latest technology

Revenue Generating

  • Premium advertising integrations and the Slyngshot programmatic platform support publishers in yielding the highest fill and CPM rates possible
Slyngshot RTB Omni Channel Ad Server


Slyngshot RTB Omni Channel Ad Server

Premium Inventory

  • Veuhub has access to premium publisher inventory via direct and major exchange relationships

Targeting and Optimization

  • Veuhub offers brand safety and predictive KPI solutions with integrations from TAG, MOAT, Whiteops, Forensiq, Protected Media

Unified Reporting and Optimization

  • With platform integrations into our partners Veuhub is able to attain media goals with scale and efficiency
Industry Partners

Industry Partners

Integrations with premium platform partners ensures brand safety, quality and overall performance